Sunday, November 19, 2006

Asthma time came early this year.

Had a minor asthma spell in church this morning. But it was good to remind me that I needed to order my electric candles. Thanks to Sharper Image, electric candles are all the rage this year.

We were well ahead of the tide last year with this post and many others. They were ordered from Inspired Lighting, which was recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

You will recall that the oil lamps in the Lawrence Chapel were the starters for the season. Then the pretty hurricane lamps at the tables took over.

Shipping and handling seem a little steep for this year's order, but the item itself was reasonably priced, so it was a wash. Pillar candles are available in ivory and red. I had to have a red tall pillar to go with the purple and pink against the bright gold. And what goes with tort-tabby cat?

Little Pond

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