Friday, November 03, 2006


Discussed this with a health provider this week, so Criminal Grace nailed it:

Early Preparations:

1-Roman Catholic. (Named after a Saint and the Blessed Mother, and I took the name of the Lord's Earthly Dad!)

2-Celebrate Christmas in late December??? Try starting in late November, day after Thanksgiving.

3-I send cards when I am well enough. No apologies when I'm not. By the way, religious cards to fellow Catholics, non-religious to fellow Christians, and Peace Season sorts to the rest. We include everyone, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Santeria and atheist.

4-The previous answer serves here, except that I usually include a quick catch-up note.

5-Any sort of card puts me in the spirit. Except once at college I got a mystifying nasty card sent by a dorm-mate who mistook me for someone else. I was able to learn who was the intended target but never figured out the sender. (Bothers me to this day. After all, what we say to one another in Heaven?)

On to Thanksgiving!

Little Pond

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