Saturday, May 31, 2008

It poured.

But just before the rain resumed, I ducked around the house and snapped Husband RJ's prized irises.
The deep purple iris is the symbol of Elmira College, which used to be Elmira Female University, I think. Purple and gold, colors that are sometimes reflected in the sports uniforms.
Lately, those colors are more accurately reproduced by the clematis vines that grow on the fences of the soccer and baseball fields attached to the main campus.

But these are nice, just the same.

Later we went to the Chemung River and got even wetter.

Little Pond


Granny J said...

Do you recall from Ozma of Oz the code for Ev royalty turned into bric-a-brac? Purple, green & gold. As a kid, I always wondered why these colors; as I grew older and observed our native wildflowers, I realized that whereas European flowers tended to blue and red, ours were largely purgle and gold. Isn't it tempting to spend days and days photographing iris? They make such outstanding subjects for great pictures.

pb said...

I will have to look up Ozma of Oz. Seems I read all the Oz books, too.

Anyway, Purple symbolizes royal blood lines (it was a very expensive dye), gold of course for riches.

Green is another matter. Some say hope and growth. Others say reproductive randiness. I go with the latter, just in principle.