Saturday, July 26, 2008

For the record.

Here in Elmira, New York, we have a little scene every Thursday night, in downtown Wisner Park. Each week there is a self-professed Christian group with signs and chanting, protesting gay marriage. That's their official purpose.

Across the way is another group protesting the protesters. Some of my coworkers are there, because they don't want gays to think that all Elmirans hate them.

At that hour I am working, and don't join the protesters. When I am not working, I live in a nice little neighborhood, where we are nearly all married couples.

Some of our couples are gay. A few years ago, we lost a few couples to old age and death. Some of those couples were gay. We love our neighbors and miss the ones who passed on.

If I were not working nights, I know which protesters I would join, or at least visibly support.

Little Pond

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