Saturday, July 12, 2008

Street Painting is coming!

Update: I really missed it, but family comes first. I'm told the artwork was astounding, some of it virtually 3-D. Let's hope that the photographer posts his shots.

Check out the link in the comments section below!

Our downtown is usually pretty quiet, but today the
street painters are going to make it quite pretty.

I will take the camera there and have a look...

Little Pond


Granny J said...

A good thing I clicked on your link; otherwise, I would have been wondering just what those street painters were up to. Frinstance, why would you be noting it if city guys were renewing the yellow stripe...

pb said...

At this writing, Saturday night, we still haven't been downtown. My HuggaMutt was delivered to me unexpectedly in the morning, and I dragged her to the River instead.

It is very hot around hear, and little dogs heat up fast on the city pavement. We may try tomorrow, but another scorcher is expected, with showers to boot.

Anonymous said...

For more info about italian street painting festivals, go to:

Anonymous said...

sorry, here's the link:

Street Painting Society