Monday, July 07, 2008

Way too hot today

...but on the 4th I took Ellie to visit the River Access site on Grove Street. The grass is very high. She leaped like a dolphin on the waves. I took some video but just looks like I didn't hold the camera right. If she were larger it might have looked better.

But then it wouldn't be the HuggaMutt.

Little Pond


Granny J said...

The problem of video, we found out long, long ago is that it really wants you to carry a tripod. As in UGH! But the HuggaMutt looks quite happy. And there's nothing like the wind through tall grass.

pb said...

The photographer at the paper uses a monopod, but it is just HUGE! My little, reinforced one doesn't steady it enough for good video. Little clips work out all right. Guess I'm not meant to be a videographer...