Monday, April 27, 2009

A change of pace

We are on vacation, and I've already taken the HuggaMutt to the river three times. We actually went down into the fishermen-only area that I call "Goose Point" yesterday. This is remarkable only because it was essentially inaccessible until recently, at least by those of us who are afraid to cross the trestle bridge.
We were able to take the long way around the feeder creeks and find the spit of land that is usually reserved for the geese themselves. They didn't mind us, but some sort of mammal, muskrat, maybe, worried them a tad after we left.

Herself couldn't stay out of trouble:
All in all a pretty satisfying morning. Today we went upriver to the West Elmira area:

Tomorrow we will check out the spillover area downtown. I've seen several unusual birds and hope to catch them on camera: a white-and-black harrier and a mostly black osprey.
Looking forward to it.
Little Pond

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