Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birders: Some Help, Please!

Saw this fellow while walking Ellie on Foster Island Easter Sunday. The shape of the bill makes me think it's a merganser, maybe a female.

Go here for a series of eight photos. Unfortunately, the darned thing was backlit in the early morning sun, so I can't even tell you its colors. Good sized fowl, about as big as a goose.

Any ideas?

Little Pond


Sissy Willis said...

It looks like a cormorant to me. :-)

pb said...

It's got to be a cormorant. I scanned a field guide and it mentioned that habit of holding out its wings to dry.

And it surely did. They are migrating through right now. My birder buddies around here are telling me that.

Sissy Willis said...

They are common along the southern Maine coast where Goomp lives, swimming along, diving underwater and then eventually emerging to stand upon the rocks to dry their wings.