Saturday, July 16, 2005

Adventures in Linkage

Lots to do this weekend. Sunday will be spent at Roseland in Canandaigua. The Multiple Sclerosis makes planning essential. Heat is dangerous, cold water could be trouble and overstimulation, well, that speaks for itself.

Take that, Osama! How to turn the other cheek and still conquer your enemies. Courtesy of Blogs of War, although the video and other related items are all over the internet.

While I've always understood the gist of it, here is a full explanation of the saying: "Letting the camel's nose into the tent." After all, it's Good News Saturday at Winds of Change.

And finally, if you can't say something nice... At least the person was decent enough to apologize. The poor man was mortified. I can sympathize with his initial reaction. Low to ground flyovers terrorized me when I lived in Annapolis, Maryland, where they were often staged by the Blue Angels for pomp and ceremony sort of occasions.

Have a happy and safe weekend.

Little Pond

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