Sunday, July 10, 2005

Uncle! We say, Uncle!

Enough already, we give up.

Several weeks ago I pulled down the front porch awnings and watched a nest slide onto the shrubs. Fortunately, it was empty, all perfectly designed and formed and unused. I set it on a table on the porch and mentioned it to Husband RJ.

Made a point of drawing down the awnings every day during the hot spell. Then came the rainy spell, during which time the awnings remained up, tight under the eaves. Only a few days.

Yesterday we were faced with a new attack. This one completed whilst we slept away the damp days. So we give up already. Raise your family, and we will stand by till the little stinkers leave the nest.

Little Pond


We really missed something. The nest is now empty except for one lone egg (that we don't date touch, let alone break). Guess they've moved on. The awnings are now down. Hope I didn't radiate negative energy to drive them off prematurely.

Little Pond

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Anonymous said...

We'll get through this new challenge somehow. Every bird's nest has a silver lining.