Saturday, July 30, 2005

Physical, Mental Health Days

Those of you visiting from the MSCompanion already suspect what's up. A visit with my neurologist left me reassessing my mental and physical condition. See, Multiple Sclerosis is badly affected by heat. Every summer leaves me a little worse for the wear. The heat wave accelerated the effect.

I'm off from work for a week. More time to blog!!! Just kidding. Really.

Let some other bloggers to do the work:

Start with Good News Saturday at Winds of Change. From our Jewish friends a "carnival" of cute animals. Scroll down further at Winds for a bunch of good stuff.

Shelley at BurningBird warns about what I've always called Blogger Fatigue. Severe Blogger Depression hasn't become a problem for me.

And finally, some first class reportage from the Blog to Watch in Iraq. Michael Yon's site is a constant inspiration for a person tired of slipshod journalism. Not all our troops are American. Yet.

VeggieGirl is 19 years old today, and experiencing growing pains. Hope a couple of presents, parental love and support, and a "triple-chocolate overload" cake will soothe her temporary troubles. Growing up is hard to do.

Anyway, give me a few days. Need some rest.

Little Pond

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