Saturday, July 22, 2006


It's freaking pouring out again! Can't we send this stuff out west where they want it??

I was forced to drive through a huge puddle going across the road, like I swore I wouldn't ever again. I was surrounded by traffic, and drove slowly so as not to hydroplane. And the morons passed me at high speed!!! Apparently they don't read this blog.

Each car completely washed mine, leaving me driving totally blind. Has everyone gone insane?

I didn't want to be out, but a headlight blew, and I went to AutoZone to buy a couple. Too bad the rain won't let up long enough to let me install the darned thing.

People who work nights are literally targets for bored policemen. Been pulled over tons of times, and they don't need a reason. How about going too slow? Yep, that's a good enough excuse around here.

And I'm up to my tuchis in overtime. Yes, we need the money for MammaDog's wedding, but right now I would prefer a full night's sleep. Four hours isn't cutting it for me now. It's only a short drive home from work, but I have actually fallen asleep at the intersections. Scares the hell out of the other drivers.

It's on to a little video gaming, and then to bed for a few winks. I still need a full eight if I can get them tonight. Wedding planning excursion tomorrow, followed by a night's work. The paper launches from the new CNY site Sunday night for the Monday morning edition. So far it's been Purgatory; Sunday night we expect sheer Hell.

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

I will send you some sleep if you send me some rain.