Friday, July 21, 2006

Five on Friday: Our big date?

As usual Criminal Grace dishes up a (sometimes) touchy meme. For us, anyway.

1. We are very, very married. Oh, so very married. With children. On the bright side, that doesn't mean no one ever asks. I'm looking forward to old age. My MIL was approached not long ago and the word went around that she was still a looker, and the one who hit on her was a luster from way back in high school. Tee, hee.

2. Frankly, I can't remember the last time RJ and I went on a date. Must be not in the past year or so. And thank you very much for reminding me.

3. My ideal date is a cruise to nowhere and back on a very small charter. With people waiting on us hand and foot.

4. Has dating become archaic? Snort, I say! SNORT! Couldn't happen in a million years. Even tightly regulated societies have highly ritualized dating. The reproductive impulse is THAT important and strong. Remember Amok Time?

5. Online dating services? Carefully go for it. And be prepared for a bumpy ride. People with much in common will click (literally; I couldn't resist) and those who don't won't. Same old, same old, just a different medium.

Maybe after the dust settles from the upcoming wedding, we will pretend we were the Wedding Crashers.

Or, maybe not. RJ never saw the movie.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Yes, I do remember Amok Time! Poor Spock -- I'm glad it doesn't happen that way to us.

Norm and I date every month.

pb said...

You date every month. And you say it doesn't happen the same as Amok Time because they cycle every seven years.

Yeah it does ;]

It just more often, and more costly for humans.


Bonita said...

My husband and I date every Saturday, all day. We decided that one day a week canoeing and chatting over coffee, going for a long drive, WHATEVER, is our reward for almost 30 years of 'putting up with each other'. We save all our deep conversations for that time, and plan our week.

tom said...

"Amok Time" ... We have it worse. On Vulcan, the suitors battle before the wedding, to the death. On Earth, it's the mates that battle, after the wedding. And it's worse than Vulcan, because, after the fighting starts, the participants want to die.

(Oh, if only Bones were available to get me out of the fights the way he did Kirk.)

As for "dating", because I'm married, I date vicariously through TV. I absolutely recommend "Blind Date". I never plan on watching it, but if I can't sleep and I'm up and surfing past, it never fails to hook me. The ritual can never get "archaic".

pb said...

Hey, IrishTwin Brother! How's things down south?

Keep in mind that we learned our own special sort of fighting from our parents.

It's sort of "Don't go to bed mad: Stay up and fight it out."

Works for us (usually)!