Sunday, July 02, 2006

What is the opposite of winterkill?

Not Christmas in July. Just an ailing tree. I actually wanted river shots. But it's all muddy and not particularly high. There were rumors of a doe stranded on the islet, but I never saw her either. If you're still interested, click here for a short walk through the neighborhood and bragging rights for RJ.

Little Pond Posted by Picasa


Karen of Scottsdale said...

it might be death but it looks pretty

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Great photos, RJ!

pb said...

Our computer is slathered with photos of our children and gardens. RJ uses the camera for everything. He even takes pictures of himself when no one (or none of us ladies) is around to help choose a coordinating outfit.

This struck me as strange until I wanted to see how I looked without always staring directly into a mirror. And it works. It's sort of objective, I guess.

Someday I will post a huge medley of family and house and garden photos. MammaDog and PappaDog are hinting at a wedding date to be set soon...

Darlene said...

Amazing how something this pretty can be a sign of damage, isn't it?

Early this morning I sat outside for awhile on our upstairs mini-porch that overlooks our back yard. No human noises or activity; just the melodious songs of birds, everywhere. Such a variety in the trees and bushes, at our five different feeders and on the ground. How glorious can it get? Times like this make me reflect on how good life can be.

On this Independence Day, I mainly thought of you. But I also thought of all those who have fought or are now off somewhere fighting for our freedom. Pat, I just want to send my utmost wishes to you for a Happy 4th of July, and a great big hug!