Friday, July 28, 2006

Life's a bowl of chocolate drops

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the version with Gene Wilder, is one of my favorite films. So I was pleased to see that Criminal Grace posted Sweet Tooth today. I can really go to town on this one, specifically Hershey, PA.

1--I make certain to get my full daily adult requirement of sweets every day. Even when I am dieting, or maybe, especially when I am dieting.

2--Anyone who even casually knows me knows that chocolate is one of the five important food groups.

3--It's really too bad, but I am allergic to most artificial sweetners. They give me cramps. Lately, I've been using Sucralose,
but I still seem to be having problems. I hope they are in my head. It's so easy to confuse which reactions come from where, since I have so many food allergies.

4--Snort, I say. SNORT!!! There is never any question. Chocolate rules.

5--Maybe I'm missing something here: I am surrounded every day by people doing sweet things for me. It's always like that. Doors are opened, burdens assumed, chocolate shared. Isn't it like that for everyone? I see it all around me, all the time. It would be very difficult to pick one. Although, my aunt and my brother made huge sacrifices and donations just for me, in order to benefit MS research a while back. It really struck a chord. As did my coworkers. But again, that sort of thing seems to be all around, at all times.

May your every meal end with a luscious chocolate dessert and your nights be spent dreaming of Hershey, PA, with it's heavenly, scented atmosphere.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

oh, chocolate... I love dark chocolate the best especially with almonds or marzipan. mmmmmmm

pb said...

Dark, rich chocolate has to be only a sometimes thing for me. Even the small amount of caffeine in chocolate bothers me, jangling my nerves.

Every now and again, I go for it. You gotta watch out, though, because it makes me a pretty mean customer!

Granny J said...

In addition to its other healthy qualities, chocolate is one of the high potassium foods for those who are given to leg cramps in the middle of the night, as I am. It's right up there with potatoes, spaghetti sauce, pumpkin pie and, of course, bananas.

pb said...

The darker the better, right? It's gotten to the point where I consider the dark chocolate downright medicinal. But it's harder on my stomach and nerves.

tom said...

Very recently there was a news story on this. I have found one URL reference to it (so far)

( The EU page on Mensa, a scrolling blog, the July 26th entry. In case it scrolls away, here is the relevant text:

"Sureprisingly, it's milk chcolate not dark chocolate. Well dark chocolate is good for diabetes and blood pressure. A Wheeling Jesuit University professor reports that eating milk chocolate can improve your brain activity. Fifteen minutes after consuming various types of chocolate (and none at all). various intelligence tests were performed.

"Composite scores for verbal and visual memory were significantly higher for milk chocolate than the other conditions, says Dr. Raudenbush, associate professor of psychology and director of undergraduate research at the University. Consumption of milk or dark chocolate showed improved impulse control and reaction time. These findings provide support for nutrient release via chocolate consumption to enhance cognitive performance.

So there you have it. Milk Chocolate makes you smarter, for a while anyway. Mind you I found out the hard way that eating chocolate can also make you fat!"

Oh wait! Here's the paper "Professor Finds That Chocolate Consumption Enhances Cognitive Performance" at

pb said...

So milk chocolate is the best? There are plenty of times I've brought chocolate to work and shared.

So I'm actually enhancing our performance. Nothing but winning going on here...

Thanks for the input, Bro.