Sunday, January 21, 2007

Missing Ellie

She's in Golden Glow and I miss her. Took the camera and went to the Chemung River without her. It's not as much fun alone and the walk back is interminable.
But the camera had a bunch of these photos of the Great Pet Chair Cold War. Bubba and Ellie, and sometimes Patches, don't actually fight over the chair. They just try to crowd the others out.

Note the amateurish patches on the arms. It doesn't pay to do the super-deluxe job, only a quick patching using the Buttoneer.

I love all my little buddies, but they are just animals, after all. We are fortunate that they get along as well as they do.

When Ellie isn't here, Patches uses all her "spots," and comes for all the attention, lest it goes to waste. She even rolls on her back on the floor in the places the doxie frequents. I'm convinced she is deliberately taking over Ellie's role.
Little Pond

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