Friday, January 19, 2007

Name Game

Today you absolutely must go to Criminal Grace for the Name meme.

1--My bros are Steve, Jim, Tom, Matt, Andy and Pam. The theme for the guys were the names of the Apostles. To hear my Mum tell it, we girls were named after her two favorite dolls. Middle names were admired family and friends.

2--Currently we have Ellie, DeeDee, Patches, and Bubba. I personally only named DeeDee (Deirdre for mourning--we'd just lost Caligula) and Patches, because she's a Tortabby. The kids named their pets.

3--I always name my car. My blue Tracker's name is Flipper, because they are known for rolling in an accident. (so don't ask what I called the little brown Chevette that was always breaking down...) Obviously, I live in Little Pond and we call the structure Friendly House.

4--Baker speaks for itself. Without actually posting it, our married surname means the Old Wolf or the Old Guard (as in household).

5--Hah! This question was a fake. I would never name an island or country beforehand. The place itself would have to suggest its own name.

Actually, I suggested the questions for Criminal Grace this week. You should too, if you are a fan of memes.


Little Pond

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