Friday, January 12, 2007

Playtime on Friday

Our usually Five on Friday, from Criminal Grace. Today's meme is Playtime.

1--The most memorable childhood toy would be a two-wheeler bike. We had to wait a long time for that. After the bike would be Barbie. 2 of them, as I recall. No Kens.

2--I grew up in a big family and kid-filled neighborhood. We were very rarely alone.

3--War. We always played war. Guns and all--airguns, I think. Usually patterned after WWII, but with the girls, we sometimes played indians. No cowboys. I remember shooting someone in the eye who was "riding in a statecoach!"

4--Anything with a huge gang would be a hit with our neighborhood. I do recall a game of Uboats and Submarines on rainy days with my brothers.

5--Big family and kid-filled neighborhood encouraged sharing. I distinctly remember helping to torment those who wouldn't share. We shared a lot, but very little of anything valuable was shared. Things were often left out in the yard. That surely is bygone now. I remember bikes never had to be brought inside. That happened once with my daughters, and a bike was stolen right around night fall.

Okay, you meme-mongerers! Go visit Criminal Grace's Five on Friday. She's soliciting suggestions.

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