Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chemung River, Sunday Morning

A very ice-clogged river waited for the HuggaMutt. My camera only caught one photo of her, because I was fascinated by the animal tracks and signs all over Foster Island this morning.

She's such good company these days. Especially while she is learning to come to the whistle. She waits for my lead, and yet she still has time to poke and roam before I call her.

Lots less stress on my aching knees and frozen feet. We each go at our own pace now.

You can visit the River with us here. As for me and my mutt, we are going to make some Italian Wedding Soup. Please note all the variations. Today we are using premium ground chicken, turkey sausage and spinach. If I get good at it, I will go for something more authentic later.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

I enjoy your river blogging photos. Gives me a different view of winter and it's nothing like what we have here. If I were handy with a camera, I would be blogging up my neighborhood and surrounding.

Shushan said...

Your pictures are lovely! That soup sounds just perfect for the weather too. yum!

Susan :)

Sissy Willis said...

Soup's on . . . I love that pic of your sweet little grandmutt. She's in her element, exactly where a doggie should be.