Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008 prediction--no big surprises. Please...

(Ellie poses with her "baby" kitten-doll.
It is very well chewed, but never really destroyed.)

I can predict the next six months at the paper.

Advertising sales fall. New customers will continue while the pre-season specials carry them. A few will become permanent.

Gannett will look hard at core positions, and pare down the excess.

Happens every year. Always has--always will.

We may see short-term layoffs by February, maybe again in July. It has always been thus. I was a victim the summer I was diagnosed with MS. My supervisor thought it would be a great vacation!

Well, I got a harridan who sent me on interview after interview, in a forty mile radius, leaning heavily on a cane. Furthermore, it was a partial layoff: three days on, two off. I was exhausted after a few weeks, in an exacerbation by six. That Christmas I was back full time just before I collapsed. The neuro confined me to bed for two weeks after a Solumedrol drip, because I couldn’t make my left side work anymore.

For now our department is necessary, though not for ever. This year it is likely we are secure.

On top of it all, my 401K will benefit from whatever Gannett decides to do.

Always has--always will.

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