Sunday, January 27, 2008


Ted Kennedy has publicly backed Obama. Not too long ago he was solid friends with the Clintons. Apparently the on-air sniping had gotten too ugly for his tastes.

Neither Obama nor Clinton appeals to me. One is under-experienced and the other strikes me as an opportunistic chameleon.

However, this is an historic campaign for us. We finally have our first truly viable African-American presidential hopeful and a candidate who could very conceivably be our first woman president.

Things should continue to boil right through November 4th, and I intend to enjoy the spectacle all year.

For once, Husband RJ and I are not (yet!) fighting over politics.

Little Pond

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Granny J said...

The Non-Sequitur cartoon today was quite lovely. Waitress says she's bored by the debates; she figures it's something put on the air because of the writers' strike.