Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happiness is...

grown daughters.

VeggiGirl lives on the other side of the block, and stops by often.

Today she brings homemade minestrone soup. Fits in perfect with my new soon-to-be slimmer me.

I got very tired of the ever-growing gut. Never had one before in my life (adorable, chubby baby-hood not included!) and it doesn't like me. My new duties get very sedentary after 6pm, and I don't like finding myself in my own lap!

Also, thermal underwear makes my clothing very, very tight. While the heat seems repaired at the paper, we are still finding the cold settling on us, beginning about 8pm each night. Our best guess is that the leaky roof is still not repaired, although the draining has been diverted from our workspace.

Counting calories works for me. I won't even tell you how many I have been consuming, except to estimate that it must be at least 2,000 per day. Now down to 1800 again, at least until the gut goes.


Why do I get an unpleasant feeling that the gut will stay with me to the grave?

Little Pond

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