Monday, January 21, 2008

We are not snowed in.

However, the cold is curtailing almost all activity. Naturally, we still visit our beloved Chemung River. We are totally addicted.

Ellie has her polar fleece skirt, a fringed polar fleece jacket and lovely scarf in muted tones of pink and red. All quite tastefully done, I assure you.

She also owns a set of MuttLuks, but refuses to wear them. We have a drill: she stops and lifts the frozen paw, and I come right over and rub the booboo with bare hands. A little low-tech, but it works for us. We avoid the city sidewalks in the winter, because of the nasty ice-melts everyone uses.

Winter sun still means fun for us.

Little Pond

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Sissy Willis said...

Pretty in pink. What a cutie pie. :-)