Thursday, May 01, 2008

Feed the little brown birds all winter,

And look what you get in the springtime. Sort of like a canary, isn't it? The house finches will also brighten up, turning a lovely deep rose color. And there is a huge variety of migrant birds following the Chemung.
Down by the river, I have adopted a plump little feather ball. He was staying close while I took pictures for the River Hag, three nice bird shots. Different opportunities when the River Dog is not with me.Tomorrow or Saturday, I can expect the HuggaMutt to join me on my walks, weather permitting. We are hoping the rains give us a break in the morning, when my car will be in for inspection. Vacation will be over this weekend, and for once, I feel totally rested and satisfied with how the week went.

Little Pond

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