Monday, May 19, 2008

If you can stand one more shot of cute goslings,

You should go here.

I walked the usual route around the levee and Foster Island. It is already incredibly lush and overgrown.

Unfortunately, the tall grass and weeds hid the burrow that snagged my boot, and I went down in a heap. Thirteen years of Multiple Sclerosis has taught me how to fall and I was unhurt, though a little sore. No broken bones.

Regrettable casualty? My Monopod. I'd reinforced that thing at the lower two joints to stop just such nonsense. Natcherly the third joint up bent and snapped. I will once again reinforce it, with dowling and tons of electrical tape.

Can anyone direct me to a sturdier support? It can't be too expensive, because I'm sure to break it. I am willing to augment it, though.

Little Pond


Granny J said...

Thanks for warning me about the dangers of a monopod. I have one of those, given me by the Sson family, which I find a little too flexible to use as a camera steadier, so I occasionally use it as a walking stick. However, I normally us a one-piece black aluminum walking stick bought from the local outdoors store. I recommend it highly. I got into the habit of using a stick back when the LH and I were climbing up and down mini-canyons. It really helped to have a third leg...

Dreaming again said...

So glad you're not hurt.

I started another blog (yes, another one!) This one is where my family won't have access to it, about my journey with my mom and the dementia we're facing.

so if you get a comment from "30 years from darling", it's me ... and I've just forgotten to switch ID's.

pb said...

Thanks, Granny J. I hope to create some sort of hybrid that incorporates the adjustable top of the Monopod and the sturdy bottom of a wooden cane.

Dreaming Again is my Baby Blogsister from the heartland out west. Check into all her blogs, starting with the one on the sidebar of the MS Companion. A heck of a survivor and one remarkable lady.