Sunday, September 21, 2008

Links to Shutterbuggery

If you'll forgive the rude pun, these represent my latest round of photos.

When Ellie was here, we went to the River. She doesn't go in anymore.

Then she returned to her other home, so I visited the Chemung on my own, looking for Fall.

Husband RJ announced that we could expect a frost this week. I ran my camera out back to shoot the lovely morning glories before they got nipped.

Maybe it's the change of season, or maybe it's old age. Even though I start out at a brisk pace, I return from each trip lamer than before. It's a very good thing my camera pod is reinforced with oak. More and more, I use it for supporting the broken old bod, rather than the Canon.

Little Pond

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Granny J said...

Hey -- I didn't know just where to post my comment! The river pictures are lush -- they remind me that even when we get rains here, our greenery is present but spare! As for your morning glories, wow! Again, it's the fact of that lushness, which doesn't happen here.