Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin Pregnancy?

Every time I see that headline it strikes me as a screaming error.

The candidate herself is not pregnant; her daughter is.

If you are very conservative, you may see her daughter's pregnancy as a defect, just as surely as if she herself were the unwed mother.

To me, it's neither here nor there. Frankly, I'd rather they were not pushing a wedding right now on the kids. It's not the worst reason to marry, but a baby is not the best reason, either.

If Bristol were my daughter, we'd be planning the baby without the wedding. Seventeen seems too young for marriage. Maybe not, but I don't see it as an ideal time to take it on. In fact, I only know one couple who wed that young, or almost that young, and the marriage lasted. They may still be married, but I don't know.

Not exactly: "Good for you, Ms. Palin!" She's dealing and that's enough for now.

Too bad about the high-profile wedding, though.

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