Friday, February 24, 2006

Feeling Better Today

No more crybaby. Friday's grocery day. Makes for a busy morning of shopping, packing, unpacking, sorting, etc. Got no time for crybabies.

But there's always time for Five on Friday, courtesy of Criminal Grace. This week's meme: "Bed Bugs."

1>Bought some great striped pjs from Lands End at Sears.
2>Sleep on the left side near window. Mornings seem brighter that way.
3>While I actively try to sleep on my back, I usually end up on my right side or tummy by morning.
4>Gotta have my floral printed sheets, gold satin comforter cover, and pillow shams, for the midwinter. This is the after-holiday set. We change during Lent to more muted tones. This year I want crisp whites for summer. Everything must coordinate, but not match, because pillow cases are changed a few times a week.
5>We leave the bad bed behavior up to the spouse, although I've been known to snore during the cold or allergy season.

Bet that's more than you ever needed to know about me and my sleep habits. Thanks to my blogkins for the lovings-filled response to my crybaby post below.

Little Pond

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Sissy Willis said...

Hugs and kisses and all good thoughts for my darling blogdaughter. :)