Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Sunday's Super Man

We make a very big deal about our local heroes, some of whom are simply good men gone public. We love Samuel Clemens who summered here and married a local woman, and wrote under the name Mark Twain. We revere Ernie Davis, the Heisman Trophy winner who made a big splash just before he died young, a very well-liked all around great person. And we admire Tommy Hilfiger for just being himself, an Elmiran, only on an international scale.

But it's well past time to strike up the band for an almost impossibly grand person:
John Jones.

This personage with the most unprepossessing name should be an internationally acclaimed hero, saint, exemplar, and role model for everyone. Against all odds, and in spite of every conceivable obstacle possible, Jones remained the epitome of Christian charity and interracial good will. The link above gives in very great detail many of the reasons he had to simply get his, and retire away from all the ugliness of his times.

But he did not.

Not only does he deserve to be recognized as a local hero. He deserves to be acclaimed a saint for all to admire and emulate. Every new piece I read takes my breath away. He was simply a wonderful, truly loving, person.
One more link here. There can never be too many. We are very proud of John Jones, and hope to learn more about this amazing individual. Readers?

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

Jones is definitely someone to be proud of.