Friday, February 17, 2006

VDay Revisited

Five on Friday gives me a chance to sound off a little on this holiday.

St. Valentine himself was a priest martyred in Rome. He was sharing the faith right up to the end. One legend has it that he was preparing a young couple for Christian marriage before he died and that the original valentine was his encouragement to that happy pair.

He signed it "Your Valentine."

Can't swear this is true anymore, because St. Valentine was removed from the Calendar of Saints during the infamous purge after the Vatican Councils. But remember: a saint isn't someone that passed the rigid tests set by the Vatican. A saint is a deceased person who has been recognized by the people as having either lived a holy life, deserving of heaven, or a person who died for the faith. Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II (and John Jones, for that matter). Furthermore the original Christians called one another saints, in recognition of their acceptance of being saved by Christ. All that Vatican stuff is just for Official Saints to join the Calendar.

So, Five on Friday answers:

1-Just cards and little gifts on Tuesday.
2-Don't really have any special VDay memories.
3-Chocolate, no contest. Allergic to most flowers.
4-Valentines all around to family! Some funny, some (sniff!) sentimental, and some profound.
5-Only persons in serious relationships should give jewelry. I consider it a very intimate gift.

Enjoy the weekend.

Little Pond

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