Monday, October 23, 2006

It Goes Whooosh!

That's the sound of money during the last week before a wedding.

We paid a costly visit to the caterer, Sweet N Saucy. But the ladies are pros and did what I could not. They calmed my daughter down enough for her to eat. She's been unable to eat since yesterday's lunch. We fed her a "Dolly Parton" salad. (With two great big chicken breasts-HeeHee!) And I had a lovely cream of spinach soup. The ladies will handle some minor floral arrangements for the cake (we do floral, not figurines) and lighting for the tables. These were all impromptu arrangements that will be included in the bill. But out of our hair.

Looks like I will need to attend some sort of rehearsal and dinner. Since we are paying for them, may as well, but I hate the extra travel. We are carrying the burden usually carried by the groom's family, but they are simply not offering. We will be lucky if they don't carry on their feud during the kid's big day. Frankly, if they do start anything at all, I will pummel them with my walking stick. Literally, I will throw them out of the church or reception. And if anyone tries to interfere, I will beat them senseless, too. A la Friar Tuck. People will talk about it for years.

Just a little pumped up on adrenaline, is all.

We are all getting touchy this week.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

You need any help? I'll mow them down with my wheelchair. LOL

Sissy Willis said...

The heart that loves is forever young . . . Savor every annoying minute of it, :-) The main thing, of course, it that it's your darling daughter's day. Here comes the bride.

Anonymous said...

Parry, thrust, Spin, HO!

I recall Daffy Duck ... :)

pb said...

Funny. Until someone else who remembers pulls the Porky Pig trick back at me.