Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mideast Politics, Men and Women

It is gratifying to see verification (Courtesy of my Everloving Blogmother, Sissy) of the success of our efforts to fight terrorism by going to battle in the Mideast.

Not only do we owe it to our allies in Israel, but we are securing a portion of our own relative peace by fighting the terrorists in their homelands. If we were not fighting them there, we would need to fight them all the more, here in the US.

And the fact that they shake their fists and scream how the hate us? So what else is new? Mideastern hyperbole has been a daily diet on the news since the early 1980's. Look closely at the next thunderous "Kill the American Satan!", fist-shaking, flag-burning broadcast. Notice anything about the sex of the participants?

Lock several dozen Israeli, Muslim, and American women in room together, and within two days they would be serving one another meals and exchanging recipes. Their male religious leaders collect men together for those demonstrations. They tell them what to holler and give them the props for their little show. And the MSM dutifully record the whole thing and want us to believe it is spontaneous. Talk about dhimmitude? Spell it "American Networks."

Mideastern women are too busy keeping the family alive, clothed and fed to waste time with silly public performance-art directed by men who won't allow them even to enter their own house of worship on "those" days of the month.

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Anonymous said...

I remember watching a Sci-Fi movie once ... Twilight Zone, Sliders? ... where the Iraqi army had released a bio-weapon into the air and it killed nearly all the men in the world. Given that, women like Janet Reno ended up ruling the world. Did you know she has MS? Not a big fan of her work (Ruby Ridge, Waco) but she sure managed to accomplish a whole lot for a Handsome woman with MS.