Sunday, October 08, 2006

Got Heels?

When I blogged my shopping trip last month, I deliberately avoided mentioning the shoes and purse. Why open that can of worms?

Here's why: Got Myelin's foray into the world of shoe-shopping is very similar to my earlier trip in the late spring. Back then, I came home with two pairs of high heels. (Two inches high!) And this time around I purchased a pair of metallic-champagne Nine West two inchers.

How? How do I tromp around on high heels, do you ask? Okay, medium high heels.

Well, I don't, not really. Not much anyway. Not without support, ever. That's a lot of nots.

When I am dressed to the nines, I am usually with Husband RJ, or with my daughters. When there's trouble, and I would be lying to pretend there never is, I can holler for help. By the way, I am not shy about grabbing handrails and other woodwork, either.

Same as everyone else, including people without MS. I also dress for church in heels. After all, my outfits look better with the proper heels. But in church there are pews. At the end of the pews are raised knobs. Just the right height for grabbing, and I did not learn this from experience. I learned by watching how the seniors navigate.

Do I look like a senior? Okay, no spring chickie, but not much older than my age. Nothing wrong with looking my age. How old, you ask? None of your darned business, Sonny or Missy. It's not polite to ask. Let's just say I earned those gray hairs.

So, take that, Got Myelin? ! Buy the darned things and curtail your activity. Or not.

And by the way, there are Capezios that make a great shoe for dancing, and they come in all heights, designed to be orthopedically sound. Something to purchase just once and keep forever at hand for dancing. And really great deals on mark-downs. Dancers are notorious for wrecking their feet, and wear very comfortable shoes whenever they can, switching to the painful ones only when necessary.

Seriously, professional dancers taught me to buy the most comfortable I can find, not be afraid to trim wherever they hurt, and keep them forever at hand. (And find a leatherworker who dyes shoes!) I keep shoes handy that don't hurt, even when I'm dressed to the Nine Wests. You should envisions them in metallic champagne color.

And Macy's is where I got them. Bring your husband and make him help you get around. Most guys are happy to see their ladies in heels.

And happy to navigate for them while arm-in-arm.

Because I've been busy with the wedding, I put this in Little Pond. But a more technical follow-up is to be found at the MS Companion.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Pat, I just love that photo of you! Best one I've seen yet. That soft blue color and neck line is so flattering on you. We should put it in your profile because you have a great smile in that shot.

I am so jealous of your shoes! Okay, not that jealous, but let's just put it this way I don't have much choice in the kind of shoe I can wear because when you can't ever walk on your feet they don't grow properly.

I still wear shoes anyways so I don't look like an invalid, just the same kind all the time that are sandals with Velcro adjustable straps. No heels, no boots, no little shoes for me.

cathy said...

pb, this struck a chord with me. I love heels so much. Not real high ones but like you said 2-2 1/2 in heels. I 'am having a horrible time since my knee replacement wearing them. I have tried around the house and I just have no balance in them. But, I recently bought a new dress and heels to match. If I fall, I fall, but I'm going to wear them.

pb said...

This column is all about my experiences. I don't have experience with knee replacement, but my mother has. She also will be coming to the wedding in a suit, specifically because of the knee replacement. I will keep you posted on her experiences. My mom is not likely to wear flats if they don't flatter her legs. She wore 3-4 inch heels most of her life.

That should be the last word on it from me.