Monday, October 30, 2006

It was a Glorious Night!!

This greeted our guests on their way into the banquet. Candy and caramel apples, mostly made by our bride and sister. The number after the name indicates the table. This permitted her to strew her friends tables among the various families. Very few people sat the entire night.

The Bakers were in from Massachusetts! That meant dancing from dusk til closing.

The geeks and the smokers formed their own little havens outside in the breeze. That meant breaks away from the noise and promises to play Final Fantasy with other like-minded individuals.

Conga line snaked its way through the tables, and the Music was provided by parents of friends of the bride and groom. We also did some strange little dance where everyone switched jackets and shoes and partners. A very good time for all.

Ziggy, if you're reading this, we will have to play sometime. I'm looking forward to learning WarCraft!

As expected, most people left around eight or nine, while the youngsters partied to midnight. All the wine and beer was consumed, if you're wondering. We are, after all, New York Upstaters and Northern Tier Pennsylvanians.

Little Pond


Anonymous said...

We are so glad it went well! We have been reading the news stories of the blackouts and the winds, and could picture all sorts of possibilities.

Congratulations of producing such a success!

Tom and Lauren

Sissy Willis said...

Can't wait to see more pix, dear girl.