Friday, October 27, 2006

Wedding Weekend 2006/Minor Crisis

MammaDog as a bride for Halloween, 1986.

Please help me by saying a prayer for all our travelers. We have been attached before to weddings that were accompanied by tragedy on the highway. One of the reasons we are restricting alcohol at the banquet. Those who remain to party are staying at the Fontainebleau Inn.

Check also the MS Companion.

A Minor Crisis:

BabySister and her hubby each thought the other brought the heart medicine for their lhasa apso, Teddy. Now it must be Fedexed from Massachusetts and won't arrive before Saturday Morning. They could take him to a local vet, but as an emergency visit, it would cost $100.00, and go uphill from there.

Teddy has a heart murmur. Any herbal remedies or ideas? We are currently just keeping him calm and happy, but that will change Saturday, when we all leave for the wedding.

Any input would be appreciated.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Enjoy every minute that you can of this weekend!

Sissy Willis said...

I wish you all a joyous and safe celebration of your daughter's happiness. :-)