Saturday, December 30, 2006

Black Doggie Visits Little Pond

There was a black dog waiting for me when I returned from work. She waited in the front yard, standing at attention. Then she came to the door with me.

When a strange dog visits after midnight, we are pretty sure she's a stray or runaway. The most unusual part of this was her submissiveness. She was extremely obedient and trusting, even allowing me to check her tags. The rabies tag was from our local animal hospital.

We called their 24 hour emergency service. The person who answered told us we would most assuredly be able to locate the owners. We waited for regular hours; the little lady slept on the carpet next to the sofa, and I pulled out the sleeper. She followed me to the bathroom each time during the night.

This morning we called the family, who were just arising, and didn't know she was missing. They came for her and our visit was over.

The night before, I had walked her right past her home, searching for her owners. Today they did not bring a leash to collect her. She ran up the street when they tried to lead her to their car.

She was a quiet, sweet dog. I hope they watch her a little more closely.

Little Pond

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