Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Night of the Long Knives

Walked into a very uncomfortable workplace last night. Coworkers were gone, and the remainder were spooked. The ax finally began to fall at the paper. Losses due to the changeover are having their effect.

The inhouse IT department was completely wiped out. Gone forever. We also lost our Marketing department, one of whom is a personal friend. Her office-mates from Specs were still crying when we came in. All were accorded severance packages. This go-around was not temporary.

None of my department mates (except for my immediate boss) has ever been laid off. They are all kids and cannot believe that we are expecting a second cut in February. This is quite common in advertising. After the Christmas rush, there is usually a round of temporary layoffs.

The last layoffs related to the changeover continued into the spring. At that point, the necessary personnel will probably be offered positions in Johnson City. Many will leave, because the last group was whittled down eventually by the 45 minute commute.

None of us are safe from the ax. Senior employees were included this time, and may be next time.

Update on the Venusian Virus.

Little Pond


Sissy Willis said...

Be well, little gal. Hope is not a strategy, but I hope things look better for you from here on up.

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Been there done that with the financial situation. We live from paycheck to paycheck as well.

Hope you have some other job options available in case you get the ax as well.