Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gray and Rainy Christmas Eve Little Pond. One daughter will take me to a Unitarian service this morning. We will also visit our neighbor's with a gift for her little doggie Holiday, and no, HuggaMutt is not invited. She'd been scratched a while ago for nipping the owner. In her own yard, no less. Directly afterwards to the In-Laws for Christmas Eve. Finally our other daughter will accompany me to Midnight Mass at our Oh!-so-conservative St. Casimir's Catholic Church. High Mass (fully sung) no doubt.

So, here's a quick round of links to all things Christmas. Another round tomorrow at the MSCompanion!

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Why not take lessons in our Our Savior's Sacred Language?

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My Little BlogSister Pearlie's Christmas Poem is a real treat.

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One Crazy Chick's sweet little greeting.

Dreaming of a White One? Then you've got to go to Word Salad!

A blissful Christmas Eve to you all.

Little Pond

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Dreaming again said...

I really need to post something post christmassy ...but ... I'm EXHAUSTED!!!

Just wanted to pop over and tell you I was thinking about you and praying for you.