Monday, December 11, 2006

Satisfied Customer

If you are a Virgin Mobile customer, you may remember my posts regarding a dead cell phone. I'd been left stranded at the County Fair without service that had not been reupped when I did so. This is a very dangerous situation for me, because I am stupid and will run where angels fear to tread. In fine, I get myself into a lot of trouble when left to my own devices. My cell is my lifeline. I won't link to the posts, because all is forgiven.

At the time I left the thing live and continued to subscribe. But I tend to hold a grudge and expected to change over as soon as something better came along. In fact, I nearly went with the Cingular Go Phone, because a friend sells them at Sam's Club.

Again: All is Forgiven. Thanks to Terry of OurTeam who emails from Virgin Mobile USA
and to Stacy who works the 866 line, and hails from the West Coast. )Where they were reeling from the recent storms.)

Through Terry's advice, I began to monitor my service through the website. I never knew I could. There were charges I didn't remember, but guessed I must've signed up when I used a minutes card. Yep, that was the case, too. I fixed a few things here and there, but nothing happened and the stuff kept coming.

By the way, going through the online trouble-shooting manual turned up a "I have no service, although I topped up" selection that is now available to customers.

My next email suggested a toll-free number that gave me Stacy, and we walked step-by-step through all the various dark little pockets of my service. Located the problem, which was corrected. I work nights and failed to take that into account when I checked the online account manager. 12:15--AM--does not belong to the previous night, even though my body and brain insists it does.

But Stacy had a suggestion that had infinite appeal for my tired old brain. Automatic topping up is available, and can be had for as little as $15.00 a pop! Should I need more than the minimum of minutes--not usually the case, although the Wonderful Wedding Weekend came close--I can add them and that will cancel the very next topping up. Sounds like it should work for me.

She was very patient with me and double-checked every little detail. I am a very happy camper and now a satisfied Virgin Mobile customer.

Now if they could just get rid of that perky little twit that sends me junk voice messages to clutter my inbox...

Little Pond

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

Things for the info on this. We just got a virgin mobile oyster phone. Their plan is much more economical than any body else is and hopefully we won't run into the same problem you did.