Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Final (Fantasy) Post:

If you've been to my profile, you probably know I am a Final Fantasy Fanatic. I don't play anything else. My apologies to anyone who hoped I would join World of Warcraft Online. So sue me.

After years of playing and replaying, and playing around with, Final Fantasy VII, I finally composed a story about my adventures with the game. For you non-gamers, this is known as a FanFiction, a story about the game's story, and not about gaming. Naturally it is in the first person, since I personally manipulated the controller in all those many, many, many hours. The product does not quite stand alone, although I provide a lot of backstory, just to help the continuity of my narrative. This means that if you find yourself lost after a few paragraphs, you may want to either invest in a Playstation and the Squaresoft game, or drop the whole thing.

The hardest part about writing this novella was keeping it PG. I am a grown woman, after all, and these are the adventures of a co-ed group of road warriors. Any follow-up will probably be even more difficult, because it will step outside the game's parameters and delve into interpersonal relationships. As in Man and Woman or, more accurately, Man vs. Woman.

Over a decade ago, I worked in video rentals, and it was necessary to write descriptions of sexually oriented videos, without resorting to any sort of graphic language. This became my forte for a few years. I hope to do that one better, and hint at the Great NoNo without taking the rating beyond that of its predecessor.

To those of you who've already published Final Fantasy VII Fan Fiction on the Internet, your place as pioneers remains unchallenged. I'm just another fangirl with broadband and a keyboard.

To the rest of the world, I guess this is an admission that I am, most likely, a game geek. And when geeks grow old, it isn't pretty.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

wow -- a published author! LOL I'm glad you enjoy doing this -- it's way beyond me. Perhaps if I ever played the game I might understand.

Granny J said...

Terrific! I love it when a suddenly new -- and unexpected -- facet of a person is exposed to reflect beautiful light!

Merry Christmas, Pat!