Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aha! Spring is springing...

Sorry, I didn't check to see the species. Except for Canis domesticus, scientific name HuggaMutt cuddlebum. No denying it now. Spring is in the air. The ice dams are breaking up, and the silly gulls ride them downriver, craning their necks to watch us as they pass.

Just what are these things? Size-wise, they are about six feet tall, and about the width of a garage. They are massive, to prevent them being swept away during the plain's frequent flooding. I'm guessing they are some sort of valve. By the way, the valve, or fireplug, or fire hydrant to the right is manufactured by Kennedy Valve, right here in Elmira, NY, USA. Actually McWane International. If you check the valves in your town, they might just say, Elmira, NY on them, too.
Little Pond

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