Monday, March 05, 2007

Cranky Chemung Winter Blues

This picture was posted with a caption indicating that it was too dangerous to cross the river on foot. Well now it is just too dangerous to live near the river at all. Take a huge pile of these little babies and stuff them nice and tight together and you have an ice dam. Right where we don't need one, and big enough to flood nearby homes.

Just a little upriver from the site of this photo is a huge ice dam threatening the Town of Elmira. Where the levees inconveniently come to an end. Money ran out, and so did the Army Corps of Engineers project.

Let's hope the predicted cold snap eases the situation. That, combined with careful management of water releases up at the Hammond Tioga Dam, may prevent a disaster. But the Town and the County are scrambling to prepare for possible disaster.

Little Pond

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