Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just about two weeks ago.

Ellie was playing on a hard crust of frozen snow. It was so deep that, when she got caught in a depression left by my footprints, she couldn't climb out. I wound up carrying her to a place where she didn't sink in. The stuff was frozen crust under a drifting powder cover. It was slow-going, and we were exhausted after our run.

Anybody got an ID on this thing?

I have no idea what plant this is. An interesting seed-bearing organ. Just love this sort of thing.

Another quiz: What's wrong with Ellie?

If you said, "Nothing," you are correct.

She's nakey! For the first time in months. It is now warm enough to run around in just a halter or collar.

We are both grateful.
No guarantees, though. This is March in Upstate New York.
Here's an interesting followup to my photos regarding the ice dam. Never mind my old photos, this is a video that really expands on the whole mess.
Little Pond


Sissy Willis said...

It doesn't get any cuter . . . I feel as though I should be able to identify the plant but am coming up empty . . . Sigh. :-)

pb said...

I'm told it is some sort of local thistle. Not like the milk thistle from back east.

Can't get a full ident on it.