Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Girl Can't Help It

Sorry about the dearth of blogging entries lately. We are experiencing brain drain.

My coworkers are joining me in my story. After weeks and weeks of picking on me about being a fangirl, someone finally went to the site and read the blog. Now my work pals are characters in
Dragon Lady: Josephine's Journal. It takes a few informal meetings, and lots of rewrites and that is using up my time and brains.

But the bottom line is: I am not a game geek. Or if I am, I am no worse than anyone around me. It is normal for geeks to gather at a night job. The advertising department is a draw for artists and comic collectors.

I am neither. Or rather, I wasn't, when I came to the paper. Now I do collect comics, but rather specialized ones. The Fables series and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (yes, one book was made into a movie starring Sean Connery), to name a couple.

As for Fables,
you can learn about them here.

My childhood was rather bereft of such things, and I am making up for it now.

My story is fanfiction, that is to say, a it is based on some else's publication. In this case, a video game by SquareEnix.

A person who is willing to spend hundreds of hours playing (and toying with) a video game could eventually write her own version of some events, or even a spinoff. I would also point out that Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes work spawned many imitators, some of which are quite good. Nicholas Meyer's Seven Percent Solution is one example.

I am enjoying myself immensely. Much of it seems to write itself, and the characters sometimes take off without me. Especially given the parameters supplied by my coworkers.

Once I get past the hump of these chapters, all set in the same fictional town of Nibelheim, then I will slacken the pace and return to blogging.

So go outside and enjoy the Springtime weather. Grab an umbrella, or put on a raincoat, if you are in the Northeast. You are not made of sugar, and you won't melt.

Little Pond

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