Friday, March 09, 2007

Think Spring with Criminal Grace

Feels a tad early for this around here, but Five on Friday wants us to Think Spring:

1. We don't celebrate the arrival of Spring in Elmira. Just its very occurrence is a celebration in itself. And around here Spring is a very long, on again, off again, process.

2. No other holiday says Spring as much as Easter. Even when it snows during the Mass. Just think of all the wasted "Easter" dresses that never get worn!

3. While I wouldn't call it interesting, Spring means cleaning the house, putting up the proper wreaths and decorations, and beginning to stow the winter coats.

4. There is a certain green, chartreuse maybe, that I see in the tender shoots and the earliest leafing of the trees. Since I think of summer being dark green and gold, that bright, yellowish green would be spring, at least here in the Northeast.

5. Can't wait to open the windows again. Our porch is getting a good cleaning and the awnings will be repaired. This year, MammaDog and PoppaDog will move a little closer, into a place of their very own. We'll let them set the pace and be the center of attention this year.
(BTW, those are snowdrops from last year, right around the same time. Don't expect any this year, but hope Springs eternal in the human breast.)
Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Even though it's not officially spring here yet, a lot of spring things are happening. Temperatures have been in the 80s all week and baseball is playing all over the Phoenix Valley.

Sissy Willis said...

Open windows. Yes. I'd almost forgotten all about those. :-)

Granny J said...

I always think of trees just starting to green as being a misty green ... a green that's just on the edge of one's awareness. We're at that stage up here in the Arizona mountains.