Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer Saturday

A very hot, humid day replaced by a humid, stormy night. I love storms. Watched it in a darkened living room, National Geographic on TV. Lots of flashing and wind, little rain. Temps dropped down into the 60's F (18-19C) and that was that.

That was enough. Tomorrow is the last day of my break, and I hope to be able to venture out into the real world again. Running from the AC in the car to the AC in a store and back to the AC in my house does not constitute visiting the real world.

All in all the vacation was a success: I did post another chapter in the trilogy, and I am finally able to sleep 7-8 hours straight, with only one trip for the usual. As opposed to 3-4 hours sleep and done for the night!

And the house is reasonably clean. Yardwork, however, was never finished, due to the oppressive heat. Not unexpected in the summer here in the Finger Lakes region.

Same old, same old, and I'm glad.

Little Pond

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