Sunday, August 12, 2007

Damnedest Funniest Thing...

We all got an emailed from our district boss, who likes to sign just his first name. As if we know who the hell he is...

Anyway, he begins by citing the damning analyses by bloggers regarding the local stocks' tailspin. Their take? Gannett is in trouble. Big, big trouble, and will be selling off stuff.

What stuff? Dunno, mostly papers, stations, the usual. Occasionally I get the itch and read the quarterly report for investors. This stuff goes on all the time, as does, I imagine, the bloggers making predictions that are accurate or not. Big, hairy deal.

For the record, the same day, a very longtime maintenance employee, and another editor got their hats handed to them, in an effort to restructure (I think that is what we were told a few weeks ago) and keep on doing the stuff that's "good for Gannett." You know, like outsourcing our jobs to India--with sometimes hilarious results. (Like the illustration they chose for the dancing club ad! Just guess.)

Not coincidentally, I suspect, we also got the notices of two other employees who are abandoning ship before, well, whatever.

Don't want to be one of those bloggers...

Little Pond

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