Saturday, August 18, 2007

Time for a treat

Yep, done the nasty dayside workweek. I intend to send a postmortem to my boss about it. I need closure. Things got so bad that when I left on Friday, there were still things bothering me, even though I thought I had covered two jobs as well as one could expect.

Also, the place is reeling from yet another--yes, even beyond the one mentioned this week--purge. Most of my coworkers, dayside, spent their shift trying to verify what occurred at Binghamton. Personally, I still don't know if it's true, because I was working my freaking butt off and didn't have time to participate. I wouldn't anyway. We were warned, so it's likely true. The reason I think it may have happened is that my immediate superior was totally deflated last night.

Word is they got another long-time veteran. Also another rumor was that a new hiree came from long distance, after pulling up and moving to the area, and was let go as she or he came into the building. Finally an employee found his code no longer let him into the building. When he called to be let in, he was met by a goon squad that escorted him to his desk--so he could clean it out and leave. All the same site? Who knows? It's a very large, multinational company.

All rumors. Our people were freaking out. I was too exhausted to care. Besides, we have been there, done that before. Additionally, we were warned in advance that this was coming. Jobs have been eliminated and otherwise shipped overseas. Those are actual facts.

Kinda makes one wonder if warning people was such a great idea. Legalities, maybe?

Anyway, I couldn't sleep more than a couple hours last night, and finally gave up at 5AM. I cleaned house and went grocery shopping. I tried to nap again today with no luck.

Nerves, nerves, nerves. When's my turn?

HA! I nearly forgot the treat!

My own easy-to-do chili cheese dogs:
Lite hot dog roll, turkey frank. Both Weis Market store brand.
Old Fashioned Foods, Squeeze Cheeze Nacho variety.
El Rio Chili Con Carne, no beans.

Squeeze the cheese into the bottom of the roll. Insert the frankfurt. Liberally spread a huge amount of chili on top. Microwave about half a minute.

Good with a crisp lager beer, better with a less expensive wine, say Hazlitt Red Cat or a rose.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

oh, i like hot dogs :-)

pb said...

Glad I'm not the only frankfurt fanatic. BTW, there is not a speck of MSG or any of its imitators, in this recipe.

That's why I make them myself.

Another BTW for Elmirans, the best chili cheese dogs are at the Pioneer Sports Bar on south Main Street. You can overdose on junk food by having them with chips and gravy!