Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some memories:

When I was quite tiny, there was a boy who visited from the wrong side of the tracks. He'd sing Hound Dog to me. We were about five, I think. After first grade, I never saw him again.

Still, I wasn't really a fan until I studied in Spain. Elvis was more than "The King" to my dorm mates. I know many songs by heart because they wanted translations. They were enthralled by his voice and phrasing.

My "muy amiga" Rosa, would close her eyes, and get goosebumps from the enchantment he wove in her psyche.

After college, my good friend Karen and I would go to Indian Ranch for country music outdoors. There was a very good tribute act, Stan Young, I think. He was every bit as handsome as Elvis, maybe even more so. There was nothing comic or tacky about his performance, either.

My brother Tom bought me a ukelele when we were young adults. I taught myself to pick out some music. Love Me Tender was my favorite.

Elvis Aron Presley died 26 years ago today.

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