Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Aiding the Hurricane Victims

Yes, this is the same post from the MSCompanion:

Don't let your worries about scams stop or slow your donations. You can certainly start here: The American Red Cross. Or the equivalent outside the United States. Or take your prayers and a check to your own house of worship. We should be getting good at this, especially after the Tsunami in SouthEast Asia.

You can take a chance and throw a few bucks at a collection can, if you don't recognize the agency collecting, but I'm willing to bet that they'd be content to hear that you've donated through one of the reputable, widely-recognized national and international agencies.

Update: It is very difficult (tedious) to give online right now. Try your local chapters.

Little Pond


Darlene said...

What's equally as horrifying as the destruction itself is the looting! What is with these people? In a time of such despair, they're alive, and healthy, yet they make life even worse for those who have suffered so much, losing their homes or businesses, not to mention loved ones. And they're making it harder for the search and rescue teams, because now efforts have to be made to stop these looters, when everyone would rather be helping those truly in need. How did these looters ever become this inhumane?

pb said...

This is our first view of a very real post-apocalyptic world. The looters need food and drink and more. Those who stole more than that will not be able to keep or use it.

I hope we can get in and help before it is too late for the survivors.